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      In Memorial
      We will always remember Jack LaZebnik, who passed away May 8, 2004 after a long illness.  
      Golden Medina is Jack’s legacy.  Pictured above, Jack with Nancy Rosenfeld, January 31,
      2004, 9th Street Book Store, Columbia, MO—his opening event.

      Jewish Book World, Winter 5765/2004, page 44
      Academy Chicago Publishers, 2004, $15.95
      ISBN 0-89733-526-0

 Animals / Pets
  Kaye, Terry: Dog Only Knows: “The World of Dog”
  Children / Juvenile
  Greenspan, Deborah, aka Elle Devor: Flora’s Day
  Pankratz, Loren: Polar Bear On Ice
  Vaughn, Jana: The Adventures Of Super Tanner: “Everybody Has A Bubble!” 

 Commercial Fiction
  Mitchell, Stephen G: Emails from the Universe: “The Many Lives of Henry Caine”  
 Fantasy / Science Fiction
  Greenspan, Deborah, aka Elle Devor: Halcyon  
  Historical fiction
  Literary fiction
  Clayton, John J: A Grownup Life 
  Clayton, John J: Hearing Voices 
  Clayton, John J: Taking Care of Charlie 
  Mainstream / contemporary
  Berenblatt, Maida: Troubles in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
  Childs, Joan E: Mr. Africa and the Raven-Haired Feline
  Childs, Joan E: The Crying Room
  Cohen, Rod: The Trumpet Player
  Greenspan, Deborah, aka Elle Devor: Earth 2.0
  Greenspan, Deborah, aka Elle Devor: Inside Out
  Hull, Raymond H: A Place Called Eden
  Kelly, Natalie M (a pseudonym): A Coveted Life: A Story of Abuse in an Affluent American Family 
  Mystery / Thriller
  Dondershine, Scott A: Double Conundrum 
  Ferrara, David A: Heaven’s Drop (“for reprint”)
  Irving, James V: Friend of a Friend
  Jorjani, Maryam: The Mystery of the Golden Case 
  McCoy, Dorothy: Return of the English Bulldog
  Mitchell, Stephen G: Emails from the Universe: “The Many Lives of Henry Caine”
  Mitchell, Stephen G: 2076: A Revolutionary Tale
  Mitchell, Stephen G: The Book From Hell...Run while you still can!
  Skolnick, Georgette: Sacrifices Must Be Made (with Twentieth Century Fox tie-in)   

  Novelty/Gift Book

  Walls-Kauafman, David: Aqua Caracas 

  Satirical Fiction
  Barash, Jed: Weight Loss for Lefties
  Young Adult
  Seute, Melanie: Dangerous Pieces of Paper

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