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Text Box:    Art / Poetry
   Bill Kavanagh, MA, LMFT: Keep Your Fork: Something Sweet is Coming 	

  Art / Poetry
  Sumié Hasegawa-Collins and David Tabatsky: Power: “A Visual and Poetic Celebration Of These Popular Flowers”
  Contemporary Issues
   Art Twain: The Instant Producer: “How to Turn Amateurs Into Pros and Pros Into Stars

  Creative Nonfiction
  Health / Self-help
  Andrea Sullivan: Enough! “When Sacrifice Has Gone Too Far" 

  John V.H. Dippel: The Doomed Fort: “Primal Terror, Massacre, and Revenge - The Pattern of America’s Wars” 	 	
  Linda and Charlie Bloom: That Which Doesn't Kill Us: How One Couple Became Stronger 
        at the Broken Places (“for reprint”) 
  Kay and Dale Clayton: A Gentle Clash of Cultures: 
          “Three years with Marcos, Martial Law, Students, Civet Cats and John Denver”
  Narsai David: Recipe for a Flavorful Life: “The Story of Narsai David” 
  Joan Gelfand: Home. Run. : “A Memoir of the Berkeley Revolution” 
  Bill KIavanaugh: Keep Your Fork: “Something Sweet is Coming”   
  Alan Sharavsky: Boarding School Bastard. A Memoir: Life in an Orphanage for Fatherless Boys 
  David Tabatsky:  American Misfit
  Teresa Yang, D.D.S: Word of Mouth: “The Secret Life of A Lady Dentist”
  Narrative Nonfiction / Popular Science 
  Matthew Flynn: Confessions of a Church Lawyer 
  Barry L. Stoddard, PhD: Crystals in Space: “A Tale from the Cold War’s End” 
  David Tabatsky: I Know You’re Rich, But Why You Got to Be So Nasty?
         	“A Cautionary Tale of Wealth and Bullies in America’s Private Schools”
  Parenting self-help
  George S. Glass, MD and David Tabatsky: Blending Families Successfully: 
         Helping Parents and Kids Navigate the Challenges 
  Alejandra Leibovich, :  Calm Down Stories: “A Treasury of Imaginary Worlds
         to Inspire Children and Parents to Create Their Own Together”	 

  Popular Science
   Annette Libeskind Berkovits, and Foreword by Lee Ehmke, President World Association of Zoos: 
           Confessions of an Accidental Zoo Curator: A Bronx Bestiary
  Psychology / Self-help 
  Joan E. Childs, LCSW, with David Tabatsky: The Power of the Inner Child
  Ira Israel, MA: How To Survive Your Adulthood Now That You’re Disillusioned, Disenchanted, and Disappointed:
           “Everything You Should Have Learned at School but Didn’t” 	 	
  Anandhi Narasimhan, MD with David Tabatsky: Blended Yet Divided: “Why Are We Failing America’s Children
        and What We Can Do About It” (A Family Psychiatrist’s Challenge to Parents, Educators, Mental Health Professionals)
  Fred Watkins, with bestselling author and journalist Robert Gettlin: From the Projects to The White House:  
 	“The Remarkable Story of African American Photojournalist Fred Watkins” 
  True Crime  

   Daniel; Brett: The Self Transcendence Travel Guide
  David Tabatsky: Write for Life