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Text Box:   Art/Photography

  Children / Juvenile
  Contemporary Issues
  Moadel, Yahya with David Tabatsky: Rice and Revolvers: Empowering Minorities to Overcome
       Tyranny and Terror

  Cook Books / Foods
  Educational self-help
  Chuback, John A. MD, FACS: Winning Words: “Writing Your Success Story" 

  General nonfiction
  Baruch, Jack MD: Introduction to Life's Reflections
  Brod, E. Dennis, What Lawyers Don’t Want You to Know (and a lot of other stuff you should know anyway) 
  Rosendahl,  Roger W: Innocent Crooks: The Watergate Prequel

   Clayton, Karen J: Demystifying Hospice: Stories of Caregivers and Patients Partnering with Hospice
  Jewish Literature
  Childs, Joan E.C., LCSW: Life After Loss: A Journey of Eight Steps   
  Fisher, Penny: Shocked! My Journey from Coma to Consciousness
  Lowecki, Michael: Pay to Play: “My Odyssey from Multimillionaire to Prisoner #18099-424” 
  Stamps, Tammy: Our Time

  Narrative Nonfiction
  Boyer, C.H: What Was There

  Philosophy / Self-help
  Brod, E. Dennis, The Essence of Ethical Pragmatism: The Common Sense Philosophy (for “reprint”)
  Psychology / Self-help  & Addiction 
  Alcock, James, PhD, C.Psych: Belief to Die For
  Mondin, Dr. Frederick: Erotic Marriage: Break Free from the Negative Sexual Script and Improve the Sexual 
        and Emotional Quality of Your Relationship (“for reprint”)
   Kesselman, Lynn N: Recover with Me Again! 	
  Popular Culture / Psychology
  Self-Help / Body, Mind and Spirit 
  Childs, Joan E.C., LCSW: The Blithering Blogs of a Blissful Blogger 
  Childs, Joan E.C., LCSW: Life After Loss: A Journey of Eight Steps   
  Greenspan, Deborah, aka Elle Devor: In Plain Sight: The Secret to Living Joyfully

  Skolnick, Georgette B. Skolnick: To Be A Doctor  
  Tabatsky, David: Write for Life