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 “Upcoming”2022—2024 Releases!


America. Underwater and Sinking: “Time to Surface with Lessons Learned  Just Sold!

      Running Major Government Agencies”, by James B. Lockhart III,
Köehler Books, pub date: Feb. 2023

Evolving Self: A Reintroduction and Expansion    Just Sold!
      of Interpersonal Psychoanalytic Theory
      by Sue Harris, PhD, Janet R. Mayes, PhD, Marilyn Miller, RN, MA, David Singer, PhD
Lexington Books, pub date: TBA


Nothing But the Tooth: “An Insider’s Guide to Dentistry”Just Sold!
       by Teresa Yang, DDS,
Rowman & Littlefield; pub date: August 2023


A Parent’s Guide to Your Child’s Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment  Just Sold!                           
by Jacqueline Corcoran, Ph.D., LCSW, Rowman & Littlefield, pub date: March 2024

The Academic Mom 5-Book Mystery Series,       Just Sold!

       by Jacqueline Corcoran, Speaking Volumes LLC,  pub dates: TBA 


Farewell to South Shore 2-Book Series               Just Sold!

      by Charlene Wexler, Speaking Volumes LLC,  pub dates: TBA

Unfinished Business: “News Reporter Tom Williams    Just Sold!
      Hunts for Truth” (4-Book Series), by Ray Dan Parker, aka Lee Woodward,                                                  
Speaking Volumes LLC, pub dates: TBA


Jacob’s Courage: “A Holocaust Love Story”     Just Sold!
      by Charles S. Weinblatt,
Amsterdam Publishers,  pub date: June 2023

The Trouble with Miracles Series 3-Book Series, by Stephen Steele

       The Fusion Factor (Book 3), Spring/Summer 2022

       Speaking Volumes, LLC

Bitches of Fifth Avenue - Trilogy, by Toni Glickman
Speaking Volumes LLC., pub date / Book 1: July 15, 2022

Outside the Wire “A Tale of Murder, Love and War” , by Gary Edgington   
Koehler Books ,  pub date: August 16, 2022

The Boy Behind the Door: How Alex Winter Escaped the Nazis, by David Tabatsky
Amsterdam Publishers, September 2022

The Forget-Me-Not 2-Book Series, by Lisa Sherman
Speaking Volumes LLC., pub date / Book 1: September 2022; Book 2: Spring 2023

Drunk Log: Day in the Life 3-Book Series, by Mark E. Scott

       Speaking Volumes LLC, September 2022 (Book 2), June 2023

The Final Type (Into the Rabbit Hole: Book 6), by Micah T. Dank

      Speaking Volumes LLC, 9/15/22

Filthy Rich Lawyers: “It’s More Than a Novel. It’s a Lifestyle 2-Book Series

    by Brian M. Felgoise, Esquire and David Tabatsky, Speaking Volumes LLC, pub date: 10/2022

An End to Arguing: “101 Valuable Lessons for All Relationships”                                         

     by Linda and Charlie Bloom, Köehler Books, pub date: October 2022

Blue Baby and the Spokane Experience, by Tracy Berg, MD
Washington State University Press, pub date: Fall 2022

Love in the Time of Crises: “Tools for Relationships in Changing Times”

      by Linda and Charlie Bloom, Wido Publishing, pub date Winter 2022


Aftermath, by Annette Libeskind Berkovits

      Amsterdam Publishers, pub date: December 2022

Treasure Islands 6-Book Series, by Stephen Steele

       Speaking Volumes LLC, pub dates: 2022-2023

The Mysterious Secret Guardians, 3-Book Series, by Dorothy McCoy

      Speaking Volumes LLC ; pub date January 2022—2023


Bernie Weber: Math Genius 3-Book Series, by Matthew Flynn

       Speaking Volumes LLC , pub date:  6/1/23


The Precious Few: Holocaust survivors who fought back and survived
by David Twain, with Art Twain, Amsterdam Publishers, pub date: February 2023

KSAN! The Hippie Radio Revolution that Rocked America, by Hank Rosenfeld

       Backbeat Books / Rowman & Littlefield, pub date: Spring 2023                                                                   

Into the Rabbit Hole Series, by Micah T. Dank
Volumes LLC., pub date: Spring 2023

Breaking the Cycle: "Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame”
by George Collins, MA; with Andrew Adleman, MA

      Mohammadkazem Najafi (Persian publisher), Farsi language Edition—pub date: 2024

The Vice Chairman’s Doctrine: A Guide to Rocking the Top in Industry Version 4.0

      by Ian Domowitz, Business Expert Press, pub date: TBD


An Afghan Remembers: “No Matter Where I Go, I Belong to My Ancestors”
by Khyber Publishing, Kabul, Afghanistan, for release in the Pashto language, pub. date: TBA

King of Peru and Burning Buildings 2-Book Series, by Mark E. Scott
      Speaking Volumes LLC., pub date: TBD

  Coming Soon !